Simple Registry - Affiliate Disclosure

This website includes affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you or your guests, we may earn a commission when a gift is purchased.

Why does Simple Registry use Affiliate Links?

Simple Registry is a part of multiple Affiliate Marketing agreements.

Gifts on Simple Registry that are included in these Affiliate Marketing agreements are the ones that contain Affiliate Links.

When a gift is purchased through an Affiliate Link, Simple Registry may receive a small commission from the online merchant. This commission is paid by the online merchant only, and not the purchaser, meaning that the purchaser does not incur any additional charges for using an affiliate link.

The commissions received from our Affiliate Marketing agreements is a large part of Simple Registry’s income, and these allow Simple Registry to continue operating whilst also offering free services.

What exactly is an Affiliate Link?

Simply put, an affiliate link is a type of URL that contains an affiliate’s ID. These URLs allow businesses to keep track of where their traffic is coming from.

For example, many of the products listed on Simple Registry’s ‘Add Gifts’ page and gift lists contain affiliate links.

When the ‘Visit Store’ button is clicked on one of these gifts, the user is redirected to a third party online merchant. The online merchant is able to track that this visit has come from Simple Registry using the information contained in the Affiliate Link.