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Frequently asked questions.

No fees, no restrictions. Planning an event can be stressful, so we endeavour to make the gift registry experience as simple as possible, for both you and your guests.

There are no restrictions on which gifts you can add. You can easily browse and add our carefully curated gifts from our gift ideas page, or create your own custom gifts.

Your gifts and registries can be edited or deleted at any time. Simply visit the registry or gift via your managing account, and you’ll be presented with the gift/registry management pop up.

Yes, absolutely! Although we plan to add premium templates with extra features in the future, our base gift registry service will always be free to use, for both you and your guests.

No. Unlike other gift registry services that charge fees of up to $145, and pass this cost onto your guests, has no hidden fees. We also give your guests the freedom to make purchases however they choose.

People can only find your registry if they have a direct link to it. You can easily share your gift registry via Email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or by copying the registry URL.

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